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Support Us

The Aeromobile European Association (AEA) is building a demonstrator based on iCar 101 PoP design.

Naked Airframe Prototype Aeromobile European Association

Support us by :

  • - Talking about our website to friends and relatives
  • - Writing an article about our aeromobile on your blog
  • - Making a donation to our association

Bank details of the Aeromobile European Association (AEA) :

  • - For international transfer : FR13 2004 1000 0157 7959 8C02 022 (IBAN) // PSSTFRPPPAR (BIC)
  • - For national transfer from France : 20041 00001 5779598C020 22 (French bank account number)

If you want to support us in any other way, feel free to contact us at aea@iCar-101.com

AEA Logo

AEA is a non-profit association based in Paris, France.

AEA develops technologies for aeromobiles (i.e. roadable aicraft / flying cars) and promotes the development of aeromobiles.

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