iCar 101 / iCar 101 Project


iCar 101 Project

The iCar 101 Project is designing and building an aircraft the size of a car and twice as fast as a car.

The iCar 101 Project is an open access and crowdfunded project run by the Aeromobile European Association (non-profit association based in Paris, France).

Several 3D models of flying cars with spinning wings have been published in the Photos Gallery since 2009.

iCar 101 PoP, our latest design, is using innovative centrifugally deployable and retractable spinning wings.

Spinning wings are motorized cylindrical wings generating heavy lift thanks to the Magnus effect.

Background information about recent flying cars and Magnus effect aircraft is available in the Videos Gallery.

The FAQs section answers a selection of questions about the iCar 101 Project and flying cars in general.

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