iCar 101 / iCar 101 Ultimate


iCar 101 Ultimate

iCar 101 Ultimate is a compact and powerful roadable aircraft.

Outcome of several years of research, the iCar 101 Ultimate suggests an innovative design based on the use of a new kind of Magnus effect wings.

These Magnus effect wings are composed of a fixed and rigid axis around which a light tubular structure is spinning at high speed. A series of cylindrical profiles made of high strength textile (Zylon) are fastened to this tubular structure. These profiles are deployed by the centrifugal force generated by their rotation.

These innovative spinning wings generate up to five time more lift than a classical airfoil of equivalent dimensions. Because of their very light structure, these active wings induce very little of the adverse effects (vibrations, gyroscopic effect, ...) which, until now, prevented their use in aeronautical design.

When still, the wings of the iCar 101 Ultimate are very compact and are easily retractable into the main body of the vehicle.

When flying, the iCar 101 Ultimate is propelled by three groups of ducted fans which electrical engines are powered by a turbine located within the main body of the aircraft.

For better aerodynamic efficiency, the two main wheels and the two auxiliary wheels of the iCar 101 Ultimate are retracted while in flight.

iCar 101 Ultimate

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